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Few pond builders have a true sense of the art of construction and creation it takes to make your pond look real and function properly...


There is nothing quite like a fish or koi pond in a landscape built by a professional Pond builder or installer.  The soothing sound of cascading waterfalls, the sight of graceful, colorful koi swimming in the water and aquatic plantings give you your own piece of paradise Long island  area.  Water gardens are the perfect cure for a stressful lifestyle and give you a paradise oasis right in your own yard, if you live in long island , contact us today to get the ball rolling !  

But few pond builders have a true sense of the art of construction and creation it takes to make your pond look real and function properly. Picture Perfect Ponds takes care to hand-pick boulders complete with moss and lichen.  We know the art of rock placement to complete a natural look.  And we also know how to properly filtrate your pond so it will stay clear and be low maintenance.

we are giving people a most valuable commodity in this hectic world…time.  Time to think about what truly matters in life…. and especially, time to spend with those who are most important to them….spouse, loved ones, family, and friends.

We can give you that time by building you the pond of your dreams.  Remember, dreaming it is the first step.  The next step is to contact me and reserve your pond design consultation.

Thank you for your time and I look forward to hearing from you soon.



The Creative Difference

Pondless Waterfalls" are a great, low maintenance water garden option for your landscape ideas if you live...

We are full service, We can redesign your pond, upgrade filtration, or we do weekly maintenance, monthly , or just one time service. ...